Friday, March 21, 2014

Springtime: Ledge of Hope

There are lots of things to be afraid of.

Snakes that slither so quickly toward you out of the dirt, slithering that makes your heart beat fast. 

There's the sharp lightning dash, followed so quickly by the thunder peal that your eyes and brain didn't have time to tell your heart not to jump out of your chest.

Boys on ledges, eyeing you uneasily, while the one you thought sweet is almost swept up in their uneasiness. 

Girls with tempers so red hot and fiery fast that you don't know which way your head is spinning once they're through with you.

A world that seems draped with the fog of danger and darkness; broken daughters looking for love their daddies never bothered to give and lost sons walking down sidewalks not bothering to look for meaning, because there is no meaning to be found.

And many, many days, I am afraid, that too much will be lost, too many hearts broken, too many families destroyed. That too many sons and daughters will believe the lies they've been told, will not recognize the light for they've become accustomed to the dark.

But when Spring comes, I remember there are so many things to be a part of.

There is dirt to dig, weeds to pull, with the help of 8 small hands, pulling their weight and then some.

Spring sunset over our soon-to-be-prepared raised garden beds.

There are porches to be sat on, while the storm rages on, because the rain sweeping across the freeway is just so beautiful this time.

There are sidewalks on which to walk, without fear, past those ledges, offering a soft but unwavering eye to the ledge-sitters, proclaiming, "I am not afraid," and maybe even, "I know this isn't you; I know you are kind."

And there is understanding and grace found, for the anger is not really about you, only piled up and up and up from years of abandonment and misdirection and wounds of wounds of wounds.

It is Spring, and there is Hope yet to be found!