Thursday, August 23, 2007

what Crystal did

she pushed me over the edge, made me get a blog here. Nevermind that I haven't spoken to her in... a year? that's too long.
see, I've been wanting a blogspot for a while. I'm obsessed with writing, with journaling... with online journaling, too, I admit. Xanga has failed to fill the hole in my heart that some online blogging network must fulfill--and hopefully now blogspot can fulfill it.

so back to Crystal. I come read her blog sometimes, and today I did again, about her relationship ephiphanies, her admittance to the way her heart enjoys the chase. and I was excited to read her honesty and disapproval of all the self-help dating books we are led to as a youth, excited to share in it with her (no matter how bad of a real friend i have been to her). anyway, go read her blog if you want to know, but I finally decided that yes, blogspot is for me.

my URL, 'the way we wander' is inspired by the most recent quote I am obsessed with: "Not all who wander are lost."
we wander recklessly and aimlessly, more than usual it seems lately. We are seekers, but we are not lost. we are craving fulfillment, but we do not despair. we wander and we will find. and even then we will continue to wander, our whole lives. we are looking for the kingdom here on earth (as it is in heaven) because we are so very sure we are God's hands and feet and have been put here to be God to everyone else. yet we are not lost....

and this... this life is a blip, just a glimpse. only a glimpse.

peace, family...