Friday, August 28, 2009


Words and melodies. That could be all you hear when listening to a song, but for most of us that just isn't true. As a songwriter there is something about getting it into a song--getting the lyrics and the melody just so--that takes me to the depths.

It's been an encouraging week of songwriting- 2 songs! That's a lot in one week. I'm practicing some new forms of discipline in writing, and of course, it's helpful when you are going through things or those around you are really wrestling. Getting that struggle put into a song can really help you through it.

But more than just getting through it, I understand it better. Songs often transport us, help us understand, perhaps in a way we don't even realize at the moment. Listening to a song over and over and over (and learning every single word and note) is kind of like repeating the Apostles' Creed or the Lord's Prayer. Not that my songs are always (or ever) theological truths, but it's the repetition that can bring understanding. Saying and singing over and over until finally... you "get" something.

And so I keep writing... and singing... and writing.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

a hard week

It has, indeed, been a hard week. I've been serious stressed and even worrisome about general things, and I don't know why. Wait, I kind of do know why... because I neglect "practicing the presence" of God, reading Scripture, journaling, etc. I neglect them, and I am realizing the serious need for them.

But today is Saturday, and I'm beginning to love these restful Saturdays! Coffee is brewing, Cheerios are already eaten, and leftover chicken strips and mashed potatoes (homemade) are awaiting me for lunch... ahhhhh yeah! These restful times are just good.

We're thinking another trip to Vermont in the Fall, to see Matt and Aislinn, to get replenished with them. It's our post-anniversary trip, and we originally were going to go to Asheville or somewhere mountain-ish... but I can't get excited about going anywhere. EXCEPT to see them. That makes me really happy.

So.. it's Saturday. And I hope you can rest and laugh and go to a free Redbirds game with whatever kiddos you can manage to load into your Binghampton mini-bus (oh yeah, that's going to be the Saturday finale:) )

grace and peace be yours...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Saturday...

And here's why I like it.

... buying homegrown tomatoes at the Farmer's Market (I know, I know.. we grow our own! But
they're all green right now) AND buying local coffee.

... getting your car washed by the East High Football Players.

... shopping at the Asian Grocery.

... watching PBS cooking shows.

and finally....

the CHICKEN CURRY that I'll be making this afternoon. Becca, this one is my favorite!

See? You should come visit the Pates on a Saturday. You won't be sorry.