Sunday, November 29, 2009

some words about home, or the search of such a thing

the hazy sky welcomed me
to the place I now call home
3 more years, "or more," you say
the sky, still gray, with haze

back there felt like home
with its board games and laughs
back there felt like home
yesterday, still today

but aren't I always the same?
wandering onward
in search for my home
only to say, "it's not here."

just give me a week
or two
or three
and I'll sing another tune

I'll call this place home
come sunshine or haze
and wait for the next time around

Friday, November 20, 2009

Miss Scabby! Miss Scabby!

Miss Abbye. Or Miss Gabby? Or Miss... Scabby. I'm pretty sure she's saying Miss Scabby, which is what it sounds like and this one is frankly just the funniest one, and so we'll go with it.

This little 4 year old gal lives (or visits, but is there most of the time) about 3 streets down. And normally she doesn't really listen to me, and I spend all my time saying, "No, don't touch that," and "Aniyah, this is the 12th time; stop that," or some other reprimand. There's a reason I hang out with elementary-aged kids and not pre-K kids. But from the backseat hearing, "Miss Scabby, I want to come to your house; Miss Scabby, Miss Scabby!" I couldn't resist. She's coming with us from now on.

That's just a funny story to maybe make you smile. Or grossed out, because scabs are pretty nasty.

I've not blogged for awhile. What's going on? A grandfather is slowly slipping away from us; A community of hospitality in South Bend, Indiana opened its arms and shared in our songs and stories; we met a presidential candidate; and we've eaten some ice cream and done some homework with the kids down the street.

We've been learning why love should keep no record of wrongs; why it matters where we live and who sits at our dinner table; that prayer is something much more than talking, and in fact, maybe has nothing to do with it.

Hopefully I will make time in the coming weeks to spend more time on some of these... but for now, a Friday night with no plans awaits me (ah... finally.)

[peace be yours]

Sunday, November 1, 2009

music & lyrics

songs were meant to be shared...

sister, stop your pacing feet
you'll wear a hole in the floor by morning
sister, calm those voices loud
they've never done a thing but wear you out

kicking, screaming all day long
but the reality keeps hanging on
that everything is falling through
what will they ever come to think of you?

have you ever known such freedom?
have you ever known the truth?
that you are so much more than the flowers of the field
and he'll take care of you.

what in the world are you living for?
is it to gain the world or something more?
Jesus came to set you free
from all these things that keep you company

written while reading 2 Corinthians, "Where the Spirit of the
Lord is
there is freedom..." and praying our sister finds it.