Sunday, November 1, 2009

music & lyrics

songs were meant to be shared...

sister, stop your pacing feet
you'll wear a hole in the floor by morning
sister, calm those voices loud
they've never done a thing but wear you out

kicking, screaming all day long
but the reality keeps hanging on
that everything is falling through
what will they ever come to think of you?

have you ever known such freedom?
have you ever known the truth?
that you are so much more than the flowers of the field
and he'll take care of you.

what in the world are you living for?
is it to gain the world or something more?
Jesus came to set you free
from all these things that keep you company

written while reading 2 Corinthians, "Where the Spirit of the
Lord is
there is freedom..." and praying our sister finds it.

1 comment:

Katie Heckel said...

this song is beautiful--thanks for sharing...cant wait to play music with you again...