Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Saturday...

And here's why I like it.

... buying homegrown tomatoes at the Farmer's Market (I know, I know.. we grow our own! But
they're all green right now) AND buying local coffee.

... getting your car washed by the East High Football Players.

... shopping at the Asian Grocery.

... watching PBS cooking shows.

and finally....

the CHICKEN CURRY that I'll be making this afternoon. Becca, this one is my favorite!

See? You should come visit the Pates on a Saturday. You won't be sorry.

1 comment:

sojourn said...

this is me being jealous that you're making chicken currey without me being there to enjoy it.

and i'm watching Samathana Brown on the travel channel. and she's in Memphis. ugh. i'm coming up there to see your face!