Thursday, July 17, 2008

across the ocean isn't so far; it's where my brothers and sisters are

probably my last post, before I hop on a plane for 17 hours (phew-wee!) But before that, I've still got chapel at SOS, morning coffee with Neha, laundry, banking, thrift store shopping, and praying. As Audra has reminded us, "it's the everyday."

it's been too, too busy around here, and I'm glad to get to African time... (which I hear is no time at all...) and when I get back, it will be smoooooooth sailing. I am hoping for lunches with Larry, bike rides with Kim, and a long phone chat with HeatherfreakinawesomeVallot. I mean. Land.

everyone is freaking out the economy is the way it is, and I am reminded of the words in the gospel as told by Matthew, that we are not to be anxious--today is all we have, and so we just live it out, one foot in front of the other, one breath and prayer at a time, while we cook meals and work hard and do our laundry and play our guitars. so rest, my friends. It isn't easy when things fall apart but we know he holds us in the palm of his hand...

as I watch the news and eat my meal in peace
I watch the people stand in line all day and shuffle their feet
and cry, where's the money gone? they just can't take it.
I have a family, we'll never make it on our own...

i see the lilies of the field and they dance around all day
i see the sparrow up above and she never seems afraid
because they know that You hold us.. in the palm of your hand.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We're coming up on one year--August 11 is our anniversary. Seriously, one year? It flies by. It's fun, to know we've been married a year and we can get along and work together and make this journey together. It comes so naturally, being married to Jeff.


Playing a lot of music these days. We'll be in Jackson (MS) sometime in August, playing at this new coffee shop/community center in downtown. We'll do a house concert, too, only 15 or 20 people and tell our stories and sing our songs. I hope you can come.


I guess there isn't much to talk about. There is actually so much to talk about and so much going on and so many issues and theologies and ideas, that it makes my head spin. And reading other friends' writing only shows me that we're all struggling with this, struggling to put aside--at least for awhile--all our debates and confusion and strategies and just get up in the morning and let the Lord be our guide.

the Lord be our guide