Tuesday, October 16, 2007

:: because you're different ::

you know the difference.... someone who is different, well, on purpose. someone's whose life goal is to go against all authority, all normality, all that's "good and proper," everything you think they should do. someone who is all too happy to define all the post-modern words you don't understand and even lift a nose in slight disgust that you even thought you and he could be friends (for you are not different enough for him.)

Then you meet someone who is different, yet truly at home in their skin. someone who is, "hmmmm, just different than most." someone who breathes life and lives it just as fully, who might even appear to walk on air, trusting in nothing more than today. in good books, and conversations, and a good set of paint brushes. someone who can wear their hair up, down, swept into a barette, or blowing in the wind. someone who likes hot tea in summer and icees in the winter, just because they can't keep it straight and like it that way.

i see a difference in these two types of people. when I glance back at the past, at what I once knew of this person [the first mentioned], i see years of not fitting in, of being picked on, of being laughed at, of always feeling short of expectations. could this have caused a bitter,rough-hardened heart to remain? could this be the cause for this new rebellion? one that may not fit, but he/she is going to be a part of the rebellion, because it sets them apart, but this time, they have complete control. he is going to be a part of this rebellion on purpose.

see, before, other people singled them out, pointed fingers, made snide remarks, snickered in class.... but not now, no, now he has complete control over himself, over how people look at him. in fact, now he wants everyone to look at him, craves all the control, needs your attention (but pretends like he doesn't need any of your attention.)

oh, but the person who owns their uniqueness, their "different-ness," those are the ones in whose presence you feel relaxed and at ease, someone you trust because they aren't different at all. she is just "different" to some because she lets her insides spill over, and those happen to be daring and beautiful and will probably catch you off guard sometimes.

but really...
she is just being herself.

peace be with those who walk and live among us who need the differentness just so they can rise above their own past.... peace.


CrystalDanae said...

mmmm... mhm... i like that.

CrystalDanae said...

ps: can you naturally heal my crohn's please? thank you! :)

Andie said...

I like it. I've seen what you're talking about before. Well put!

In response to your question: I was born and baptized Catholic, but never really "raised" so. We went to church sporadically through my youth. In my senior year of high school (about 4 and a half years ago) I decided to start going on my own. About six months later was that youth conference I mentioned, and four years after that I'm living in a convent while doing volunteer work.

The Lord is not only mysterious, He's fast.