Wednesday, November 21, 2007

||| Thoughts on the Bible |||

"Many people these days feel an absence in their lives, expressed as an acute desire for 'something more,' a spiritual home, a community of faith. But when they try to read the Bible they end up throwing it across the room. To me, this seems encouraging, a place to start, a sign of real engagement with the God who is revealed in scripture. Others find it easy to dismiss the Bible out of hand, as negative, vengeful, violent. I can only hope they are rejecting the violence-as-entertainment of movies and television on the same grounds, and that they say a prayer every time they pick up a daily newspaper or turn on CNN. In the context of real life, the Bible seems refreshingly whole, an honest reflection on humanity in relation to the sacred and the profane. I can't learn enough about it, but I also have to trust what little I know, and proceed, in faith, to seek God there." (Kathleen Norris, "Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith," emphasis added.)

refreshingly.... whole.

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