Monday, September 8, 2008

blogging in a snobby coffee shop

Apparently, it's the new hip and cool thing to be nonchalant, in a hurry (when I'm the only person waiting in line), avoid eye contact and any real human interaction, and frankly, just be a snob. You think I'd get used to it, but every time I come to these places, I'm frankly, quite amazed. He literally swiped my card, and slid it across the countertop back to me--and we're talking, a good, fast slide. I mean, I thought I'd miss it and it would hit the floor. I hope I would have been witty enough to say, "Oh! Point for you, better step up my game!" I'm sorry. I didn't know we were playing bar hockey. Whatevs.

Alas, I keep coming back to these places (though more and more infrequently.) When I want to be left alone to read and blog to myself, I can surely count on having that here. But truly, Caritas village is the place for warmth, a good, cheap lunch, and free wireless.... and Charlie. Good ol' Charlie.

Girls' Club. It's going to be a blast. Monday nights from 6-7pm we hang out with 1st-6th graders, and when we break up for Bible story time, I get the 4th-6th graders. We pick them up before, too, and on my route I get to pick up the Burundian girls (Burundi = African country, just to those who don't have a world map shower curtain) which is such a joy! I'm determined to learn their names, which shouldn't be too difficult except for nshiminana... or something like that. Oh man, the beauty....

Memphis. All I've got to say to you, Family, is that if you move here, you'll get your hands dirty and see some beauty and challenge and good music. So... just let me know, and we'll move into a big house together.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Yes, I'm reading this particular book by Barbara Kingsolver, and I'm officially grossed out by caged chickens led to slaughter. But more than anything, I'm distraught at the beauty and creativity of God that is destroyed when we make animals and food production what it's become today (corporate, single-specied) in the name of efficiency and obesity. I could go on and on.... It did nudge me towards the farmer's market this past weekend with my lovely new sister, Michelle, and my eyes were aglow! I don't even eat many veggies, but let me tell you, I'm on my way to eating more and the bright colors at the market sure know how to inspire...

You, O God, know more beauty and color and love than I could ever imagine. And you're showing me...


Anonymous said...

I should have eaten those vegetables today instead of all that pizza. I read this today:

Justice: getting the good and bad that you deserve
Mercy: not getting the bad you deserve
Grace: getting the good you don't deserve

colors are grace, more than one flavor of food is grace, more than one flower in the world is grace, more than one kind of tree- all 'unnecessary'. God is gracious. More than one people group- the beautiful excess of God.


Anonymous said...

i wonce went snogging in a bloggy shoppy cough.