Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the newest housemate

many of you know... we like housemates. :)

and so we have a new one, whose things are being put in order as we speak. He won't officially be sleeping here until the weekend, but his coming is evidenced by multiple ottomans/storage units, new pictures for the walls, and an impressive DVD collection... (and I mean impressive...) We're so excited to share our home with Ty, "our" meaning, all 3 of ours. It'll truly be our home, since he's bringing a lot to the family - a fantastic couch, new TV, and other items placed throughout the house. And that's what we want... things to share. :)

So, I bid you good night on this Wednesday evening, as I listen to the Wailin' Jennys, the sound of cake-making (Jeff winning over his co-workers), and the arranging of items in the room next door. Life is truly a gift... thank you, Jesus.

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becca varner said...

i'm so glad ty is living with you guys. and he is a huge movie fan. if you all go to the movies, you best not miss the previews. and tell him to teach you mexican train dominoes so we can play it the next time i see your face :)...i've been praying for you guys lately; that God blesses your home and that the move-in will go smoothly and gracefully. i love my pates :)