Thursday, July 8, 2010

$84 Million... is this OK?

If it weren't for Ty living in this house, I wouldn't be blogging about this, because I probably wouldn't know about it. But now I know, and now I will blog.

Rudy Gay has just signed a 5-year contract (Google this for more accurate details) for $84 Million. He's been with the Grizzlies for several years already. I don't know the rest of the details (maybe I should read them more closely before I post this).

Is $84 Million OK with us? Will anyone be around to help Rudy Gay know how to deal with this much wealth? Is this much wealth OK? Money can be used in a million (no pun intended) different ways, a million different good ways. But tragically, it often isn't. I don't know Rudy Gay, but I know even masses of Jesus-followers in our city delight in his return, yet will we be moved, burdened by $84 Million?

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