Monday, November 8, 2010

Paradox of the Psalms: an excerpt

An excerpt from Kathleen Norris', The Cloister Walk, the chapter entitled 'The Paradox of the Psalms:

"I learned that when you go to church several times a day, every day,
there is no way you can 'do it right.' You are not always going to sit up straight,
let alone think holy thoughts. You're not going to wear your best clothes, but whatever
isn't in the dirty clothes basket. You come to the Bible's great 'book of praises' through
all the moods and conditions of life, and while you may feel like hell, you sing anyway.
To your surprise, you find that the psalms do not deny your true feelings
but allow you to reflect on them, right in front of God and everyone." (emphasis mine)

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