Sunday, May 8, 2011

'Of Gods and Men': a lesson in staying

Since last night at 9:30pm, I've not been able to let go of the images, the whispers, the "decision table" as I'll call it, where a candle is lit, presumably a visible witness of the Holy Spirit's presence at that table.

To go or to stay? This question swims underneath the chaos and violence of Islamic terrorists who are nothing like the Muslim village which they are currently terrorizing, along with the rest of Algeria, in this story of a group of French Cisterian monks.

My dreams were filled with images from the movie; during today's sermon, I was flashing back to the film; and when I awoke in the night, my mind was trapped by the decisions of the monks. The decisions to love, to stay, to speak truthfully when hatred started them in the face, machine gun in hand.

I've never been so moved by pictures of community and grueling honesty; I'm ready to re-examine much about my life and my commitment to the Prince of Peace.

A review says this ("spoiler alert", if you read this review): "The theme may be piety, but Mr. Beauvois and his cast do not address it piously." I disagree. The theme is love - gut-wrenching love.

You must find this, and you must watch it. But before you do, ask for eyes of love.


Michelle Forlines said...

I tried find a place showing the movie in Nashville the other day, and now I want to see it even more. I hope to talk to you sometime soon.

Clifton said...

I've been dying to see this, but sadly Waco isn't a great place to see independent French movies in theaters.

Where did you see it? As soon as I can get it on DVD we'll have to talk about it.