Friday, June 3, 2011

East Asia: colors

There are some things that can't escape your notice in East Asia (that big country we visited that starts with a C) and some of those things are the colors, oceans of color. When you sit at the table, drive (or swerve) down the streets, climb the walls, or turn your eyes upward - there is the color.

Color reminds me of a Creative Maker who puts life into things that we couldn't imagine needed it. We need food to live; but do we need the cherries to be so beautiful, shiny and eye-catching? We need people to work and do business [and make messes], but do we need them to have such humor, such smiles, such personalities? May you find Real Life in these photos!

And then there's color that isn't seen by the eye, but that swirls around in the conversation, in the exchange of stories, in the depth of honesty. The color of friends, of Family.

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