Sunday, October 9, 2011

{music & lyrics} for Nana

Today's been a day for writing and remembering. Here's some of the outflow of that. This is a raw, just written, still-needs-work recording, as are all of my {music & lyric} posts!

The lyrics are below the video...

(I'm sorry I don't have better recording capabilities. The timing of the vocals and video is off.)

You were a breath of fresh air
in a world where no one tells the truth
and we watched you take the high road
time and time again

You were the faithful one
in a world where faithlessness rules
and we watched you take the hard road
time and time again

I see the picture of you
there in that wedding dress
and it's my face I see all wrapped up in yours
So I'll gladly carry all the good you've given me
as you've moved along
as you've moved along

You were a patient teacher
showing us what we didn't know we needed
Now we'll walk in the ways
that you've been walking all along

We'd walk in and you're at the kitchen table
waiting to help us work it out
and you listened, how you listened,
to our youthful carrying on

And we listen as you tell us
a story we'd heard time and time before
But how could we have known
oh, soon we would know,
you were giving us so much more

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