Sunday, May 13, 2012

Art House North: a good distraction

There are so many posts in the works, of great local restaurants and more musings on work and what it means to all of us. But in the midst of piecing these together, I'm often beautifully distracted by things like this.

One morning, during our Family/house prayer time, Matthew sent out thanks to God for musicians, authors, teachers - both those present and those who have gone before us - and their gifts. For sharing words and melodies and heart-piercing, stunning, two-hour conversation worthy, watery-eye-inducing beauty and truth.

Art House North (and Sara and Troy Groves, Charlie Peacock, Andi Ashworth and the host of others who are believing in its present and future) - I am grateful to be a part of your work, even if only in a swift raise of the hands to the sky in exclamation, "Yes!"

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