Monday, June 4, 2012

work: what it is (unanswered questions)

Several weeks ago, I posted this entry about work, which has been at the forefront of conversation in our community for many months now. Check it out before reading this.


We've strayed very far, in so many ways.

Neighbor, to be mistrusted. Employee, to be exploited. Spouse, children, to be tolerated. Time, to be spent, used efficiently, quantified by mere numbers. Leaving byproducts of exhaustion, human suffering, conversations cut short - no matter; they are necessary for the end result.

Our work suffers, too, of this we can be sure. Hours of busyness, with the tap of the keys, swipe of the screen, negotiation for bottom dollar. The mind will be tired; the hands will be restless. Extracted from home, from family, work is "there", never "here". We will go to work, not stay to work. Vacation time, where family fits in.

What work is this?

We once heard that we should work for what does not spoil. Isn't all set to spoil? Fruit of the earth and fruit of the business deal? What, then, shall we work for? For these answers, I still search.

May the means become as important as the end. Every person, of more worth than the price they can offer. Every meal, longer than is necessary to strike a deal. Every decision, more important than its reflection on a pay stub, but its reflection of character.

And no matter your title, no matter your corner office, may you know the deep joy and reward in planting a seed and watching it grow and bringing its fruit to the table.

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