Monday, January 21, 2013

When what should be, is not

He only sees in cracks, broken glass and fear
But he smiles at what should be.
Pulls out picture books of mountains, flowing rivers,
escapes for his troubled mind;
loves a thing until it breaks.
Shakes his head at what it should be.

Craves adventure - somewhere deep down, wants risk.
Yet risk is the one thing always avoided:
Fear of what could be.
60 years ago, this path was set for him,
set him to constant pleasing, relentless effort
and repeated rejection.
Things aren't what they should be.

He gave it all for this one thing,
this one thing, giving illusion of life to many things.
And here we are to see it all rise up,
this idol of fulfillment, ultimate satisfaction.

There's no one to reject him here on this mountain,
no one to steal and destroy.
But what matters has long been gone,
stolen before realized.
Things are not as they should be;
have mercy, Lord, when he finally arrives.

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