Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday Poem (a day late): Wounds

Everything is darkened now
by the shade that you pulled down
ice and eggshells cover our floors
so we stand still to be safe.

Now, I replay conversations 
even ones we never had 
to hear the sounds of hurt, of trying
to see what good I made bad

Everything is broken now
oh, but everything already was
Did I expect to be any different?
To escape your wounding wounds?

With trembling hands you came to us
seething, aching years
looking for another place
to lay down that tired, old blame

Let us take it from you
though its parts can't be replaced
anything to make you stop
searching, buying, endlessly

Everything is different now;
the ticking of this clock
asks of me, 'What next?'
as you close your eyes high above

Everything is here
everything's wide open.
Nothing will change
while nothing stays the same.

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