Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photo Update

Some photos, in chronological order, of random things:

April 2013. In Ackerman and Louisville, MS, where we played a show
for Matthew's Bright Came the Word from His Mouth

Brothers, Matthew and Sam. 
May 2013, a ghostly image taken from the porch of Jeff's parents' home in southwestern NC.
July 2013. During a retreat weekend, we let Matthew cut the cheese, because he's so darn good at it.

September 2013. Our first T-shirt! We promoted this via social media and gave 2 away!
Designed by Susan Kizzee, printed by Ambrose.

October 2013. The Great Midwestern Tour took us to Minneapolis.
The sun peeks over a bridge in Minnehaha Falls State Park.

Brian insisted on jumping and walking on things that looked very dangerous to me.

Brian and Jeff love each other. Sweet.

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Matthew Clark said...

I love cutting the cheese in the presence of good friends. My friends love it too.