Monday, September 10, 2007

fully alive

The glory of God is man fully alive. -St. Iraneaus

so it is true. life is fleeting. you never really get this until someone else goes, someone else leaves this blip in time, as Henri Nouwen calls it, to go on and spend eternity doing whatever we will do in eternity. This is even more difficult than before, now that I have a husband. Not that is is much easier with your parents and friends, but I have become one with my husband, and unless you, too, are married, I cannot describe the complexity and mystery to this. If he were gone, however, I feel the a big piece of me would be gone, too.

And when another someone leaves this earth of trees and politics, I always start feeling these feelings again, and then come back around to this: Jesus is my portion. What does that even mean, exactly? Oh, he is my sustainer, my comforter.. our "oneness" with Christ is also something complex and indescribable. I don't fear loss of Him, I don't fear losing his love. It is wonderful to know that "neither death, nor life, nor present, nor future,..." can keep us from the love of Christ, that he isn't going anywhere. And that is all you must have to cling to when your flesh and blood oneness leaves [spouse], is your holy of holies oneness, the one who made you in His image.

Does anyone else find this all extremely difficult to wrap your mind around?

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