Monday, September 17, 2007

Patty Griffin, Kimmie-Kim, and the city of Memphis

Every time I hear Patty sing, "Sweet Lorraine, a fiery-haired, brown-eyed schemer, who came from a long line of drinkers and dreamers..." I think of Kim. Not because of her reddish-brown hair, and brown eyes.... and I'm not so sure about the drinkers and dreamers... but just because the summer of 2005 was one of the hardest and best and most memorable summers ever. I never dreamed I'd end up in the ghetto of Memphis instead of the beautiful mountains of Lake Junaluska, NC. But I could and I did. Kim and I were bestest of friends that summer, and I even have to admit I probably broke a few staff rules to go and do fun things with Kim and sleep over at her house a few times, instead of noisy staff bunks.

But the best part was falling asleep to Patty Griffin's voice during our summer afternoon naps-- I, on a mattress on Kim's floor, and her snuggled up with her overpriced comforter that was, to her, what a blankie is to a 5-year old. I miss Kim so much. I know you miss friends; it happens. Such is life, loving and leaving friends. But none do I miss in the same way I miss Kim. We don't talk much anymore, and not suprisingly so, since we are now both married, both doing our own thing. But sometimes there are friends that you wish, really, really deep down in your belly, that you didn't have to leave, that you didn't have to accept as, "only for a season." Sometimes you just want them there all the time.

So forget wishing on the same shooting star... I just hope we're both still listening to Patty sing, and thinking of each other.
"Darling I wish you well,
on your way to the wishing well...
I still have this secret hope
sometimes all we do is cope
somewhere on the steepest slope
there's an endless rope
where nobody's crying."
[patty griffin]

sappy post, I know. get over it.

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Andie said...

First of all, lovely post. Having just graduated college and currently stretching myself as far as I can to keep in touch with the amazing people I met there, it strikes a very pretty chord.

Second, thanks for actually leaving me a comment to introduce yourself. I have no idea who reads my blog other than my parents and a few friends -- and, now, you!