Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dear Christians,

Stop buying so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

This moshpit of consumerism can drive me so insane sometimes. Watching television is even more unenjoyable now (except for Rachel Ray and Alton Brown) than it has ever been. Apparently credit cards help you save money and live life to the fullest, shampoos and running shoes make you to look much more physically appealing to the opposite sex and will probably increase your chances of being slipped a phone number in a bar, and prescription meds will cure your herpes, though you'll probably develop arthritis or gastrointenstinal dysfunction in the meantime (but these are "rare" and only "moderate" side effects.)

And still we are swiping those cards like madmen.


Anonymous said...

agreed. ...matthew

Andie said...

First of all, also agreed. I have to wonder how people buy (in the intelectual sense) some of that stuff.

Second, I'm tagging you for a meme! You're a "real" blogger now (she said, as though she herself had not just had her first meme tag, too).

Check out the details: http://theophanyallover.blogspot.com/2007/12/meme-me.html

Clifton said...

But how am I supposed to treat my herpes if the nice people on TV won't tell me how?

I mean, I guess I could just let my doctor tell me what medicine to take, but what the hell does he know? He's not a trained pharmaceutical marketing expert.