Thursday, December 27, 2007

let the living begin

"So, I see why people settle and why people start calling how I'm living 'life'. Because it's alot easier to just live than to live. Because God doesn't really give any clear-cut directions on what living entails." (sara)

Do you ever feel like you can cast off the old junk, run as fast as you're able, and end up God-only-knows-where? This is the best feeling ever.I wrote this post before I read Sara's entry, but it seems that we are all struggling to know what living really is. So often, I start feeling like I have lost all feeling, all meaning. Then I remember that life is so very short...

And I'm not suggesting you all have to sell your stuff and move 500 miles away. Maybe we just have to move our hands, tilt our heads, shift our focus. Or maybe we're used to all the moving and it just means stopping. So stop or go, move or stay...

we feel we can fly
when we see with new eyes
all the beauty so hidden
for days upon years

but what's stopping you now
is the slight change of tone
that your voice can never attain

build up your strength
muster your best
and head for highway
before it's too late

Now is all we've got.

the glory of God is man fully alive. (St. Irenaeus)


Jay Sea Zeez! said...
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liz.o said...

i deleted that one...sorry i accidentally left the comment under casey's name...


i think i have issues letting love in.

get it?