Monday, October 19, 2009

First let me start by saying...

that Neha's lentil soup is fan-tas-tic (that's 3 claps, if you're learning your syllables). It's past 9pm, and she made it so we could have it for the next few days, but it's such a chilly evening, that I had to grab a bowl. Besides, I'm in a contemplative mood, partly brought on because of a story I just read in "Simple Spirituality" by Chris Huertz, about a family from India. A family he was friends with. Not "the poor" as I so easily throw around, but "his friends who happen to be poor" as he says, in an effort to give some dignity back to his friends.

I can't re-tell the story here.

But I did speak a prayer for them. A prayer for all "thems" who find themselves bowing down the prosperity God. Whether it be the one with the elephant head or the one with the shiny rims and luxury, private security living, or whatever our prosperity god happens to look like... God, have mercy on us...

...your kindness leads to repentance. Lead me to repentance, God!

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