Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Who doesn't hate leaving? Most of the time, at least. We just said goodbye to Matt and Aislinn after a really, really good visit. There were marshmallows + nutella, songs, walk by a river, good meals, and a country store (maybe the best country store I've seen!) And we're sad to leave. It's always sad to leave them. But to have friends - Family - like these is truly, truly a gift, a grace.

And as our last trip to Vermont, things are the airport are uncertain. It's 11:45am now, with a 12:30pm scheduled flight that is currently delayed until 1:55pm. We're already going to miss our flight in Atlanta, which we all knows we'll be put to 'Standby' on the next flight out. Maybe a side-trip to see Jeff's sis in Atlanta? [one can hope so, since I love a good side-trip :)]

Pictures of Vermont to come!


hurry up and wait.

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