Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'll say goodbye with grace...

I've never really been a resolution-maker. Seems kind of silly, since every day is a new day; December 31, 2009 isn't going to feel much different than January 1, 2010...

But I understand the way a new year can cause you to re-evaluate the bigger picture. There's also something about a new decade that can push you into introspective-ness (is that even legal? to use that word?)

I've been thinking about friendships... how some of them are ending; some, just beginning. I will willingly let go of the ones whose season is behind us, and spend time listening to the stories of the people who are just entering my life. I will stop thinking that so many people need me to do for them, that their worlds will crumble without me. I will stop filling my schedule with so many good things and good people that the ones who really need my attention don't feel connected to me like they should. I'll stop killing myself to stay connected to those whose season in my life ended long ago; I'll admit that it is time... it is time.

As my grandfather slips away, I've mostly said goodbye, without actually saying it. I've taken a brief moment to care for him (yet nothing like my family whose been present so much more than me); I've finally seen him vulnerable and extended a nurturing hand. And it was enough.

In all this, I've summed it up like this...

I'll graciously say goodbye.

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chaeli said...

wow. this hits home with me. with life and friendships constantly changing, it's hard to see that it's time for some seasons and relationships to come to a close.

i need grace in this area...i keep wanting to hold on to people and circumstances, but holding on doesn't make room for the new things God is doing.

So sorry to hear of your grandfather's death. saying goodbye to someone you love is probably the hardest thing we do in this lifetime.

i have found, though, that it's amazing what you learn from someone's life when they are no longer with you. you have a perspective that was not possible before.

glad i read your blog! good stuff!