Monday, January 4, 2010

the cold isn't easy

My heart is saddened tonight; 3 people have died from the cold here. The homeless... the elderly... the sick... so vulnerable. I know my northern friends might not understand the worry, but we aren't a place used to a low of 10 at night, and wind chills close to zero. Our houses aren't made for it; our homeless aren't used to it.

I'm thinking much about the people who call my office, desperately looking for utilities assistance. They will be so cold. The woman who says she's caring for her mom, who has COPD. They will be so cold.

Lord, have mercy...


Russ Waites said...

: ( I think about this a lot. The homeless in the cold. It breaks my heart.

Sara W said...

aww so sad :( does Memphis not participate in Room in the Inn? the homeless can stay for free at area churches each night of the week.