Thursday, January 6, 2011

Songwriter's Retreat: endings and beginnings (+ quotes!)

Well, we did it. We took off from the normal, everydayness and took the plunge into the intensity of songwriting in community. In the end, we wrote and recorded 13 songs, some which came to us as one word or phrase; others with a better skeleton; still others which were mostly finished but needed the ear and voice of another living soul. All were our seed-songs, given to each other to help them grow up.

Stay tuned to hear what happens with this collection of souls and songs. Some of us are getting married; others are going to Ghana for many months. And the songs will eventually make their way into the final stages of songmaking (mixing, re-mixing, and still more mixing!) Hopefully your ear will lend a listen!

As for the rest of this writing, below are some of our favorite qoutes (and pictures!) from the weekend, of which I gave context where needed to understand why something was said the way it was said (though mostly, when you're tired and silly, you don't know why you say what you say!)

from The Quote Page
Songwriter's Retreat 2010

(before recording a live clap-track for one of our songs)
"Should we clap off-beat on purpose?" Katie
"No; that'll happen naturally." Matthew

"They were so few in number but they had so many brains!"
Eric & Matthew

"I'm sorry I screwed it up (meaning the vocals in the song)." Matt
"You didn't screw it up, that's just the way you sing." Abbye

"Abbye, your voice is angelic!" Katie
"Well, it's debatable..." Abbye

"Don't touch my butt, Katie!"Matthew
"But your butt is just so touchable." Abbye (chiming in)
(Uncomfortable laughter from Matthew)
"Hey, you opened it... the can of worms, I mean, not your butt." Abbye
*Disclaimer: No one touched anyone else's butt. Ever.

(While looking at a picture being drawn)
"Is that Abbye?" Katie
"Um, well, this girl's black..." Eric

"Urethra Franklin!" Matthew
(in a conversation that somehow led to bladder infections)

"God, your company is so dreary." Matthew
(sometimes it's difficult to get those lyrics right)

"Tongue, what?!" Katie
(you really shouldn't eat from street vendors in Ghana...)

"Be astonished! We are common men with a mighty message." Eric
(Inspired by the reading of Acts 4:13)

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Adrienne said...

Abbye, this made me laugh out loud. Several times. So good to hear about the retreat and all the goodness that came out of it. Thanks for sharing. It's fun to be connected from far away, even if it is just a blog. Miss you.