Monday, January 10, 2011

washing dishes: a practice in the presence

Tonight we went "off the grid" (not using electricity, at least, partly) for the evening, using only candlelight for our Family dinner (the Pates + Jason). Admittedly, I was inspired by my reading of GOOD magazine: the energy issue, just before dinner, and as soon as the fellas returned from the grocery, I announced my "suggestion" (which I had pretty much decided already. I still need lessons in submission to my community, eh?)

We cooked with light, but as soon as the food hit the table (grilled cheese + tomato soup, of which Dane F. would hopefully give scratch factors of 5 and 8, respectively [we canned our own tomatoes]) it was candlelight and conversation.

We even washed the dishes by candlelight, taking candles from room to room. I washed the first half; Jason, the second. When I handed over my shift, I challenged him to find one or two things he noticed, liked, etc. about washing the dishes by candlelight.

And he said this: "The candlelight turns this into a reflective time. I can practice the presence of God, surrounded by candlelight which automatically triggers prayer for me, the nearness of God."

We both agreed that candles are a very real reminder that the Light - Jesus the Christ - is with us, around us. During my dish-washing shift, I took note of the icicles outside the window, illuminated by the candle on the sill.

Icicles, reflection, peace, the very real Light, the presence of Jesus.

Sometimes it "pays" to go "off the grid"...

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Dane and Michelle said...

that sounds delightful! I think I might try the same tonight with beeswax candles and leftovers!