Monday, February 28, 2011

labels: am I a Christian; or do I know and follow Jesus?

Interchangeable to many, though becoming increasingly distinguishable to many others,
is she a Christian or does she follow the Way of Jesus the Christ? Is he Christian in form; follower of Jesus in meaning? Or a Christian in form; follower of the way of the world in meaning?

These are important questions, and they are being asked ever more often (thankfully!) We were given a gift this weekend in our Church body, a gift of being stretched, taught, and challenged about whether or not we really should spread the gospel of Christianity. "It's all about Jesus!" you might say - but is it? Is Christianity all about Jesus? (meaning, are they one and the same?)

Have you examined this gospel that your Church body shares? Is it the Gospel of Jesus the Christ; or the gospel of the western Church, of a religion? Did Jesus enter into darkness and humanity to establish a new religion?

Easy questions to answer on the surface; deeply life-changing (and method-changing, meaning, the method in which we give away the Gospel) and often divisive at their core.

May we think on these together... more thoughts to come.

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