Thursday, March 17, 2011

"SOS changed my life."

If you live around Memphis, or at least, around Binghampton, Orange Mound, and a slew of college campuses and youth groups who frequent 2505 Poplar, then you hear this a lot: "SOS changed my life."

And it is no less true for me.

Summer 2005 was my time as a summer staffer, and a sweet one it was. The marks are still visible - friendships (Matthew, Brian, Larry Ray, to name a few); the current job I'm in; the love for volunteer coordinating (if only they needed me all year...). But the best overflow from that summer is the one that's still happening.

About three times a year, we [Jeff and I] are given the gift of leading worship at SOS camps - Spring college camps (our fav!), Summer at SOS114, and Fall Camps. And it is indeed our gift to lead these campers in their time at SOS. Their passion, their hands raised, their fearless top-of-the-lungs singing.

The best? When my guitar stops, and their voices make the music, raising praise to the One; when I become less, and the Body of Christ worships with One Voice.

SOS changed my life; and SOS keeps changing my life.


Emily said...

This makes my heart go "Mmmmmm" :)

Clifton said...

It makes my heart go "awwwwwwww."