Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"work" and "instant" | are they opposed?

Pondering today what instant-everything has done to us. Do we need it? Twitter? Facebook? This blog, even? Is there a way for me to practice slow, thoughtful, intentional things (writing, talking, being with people) when I'm becoming more and more conditioned to do everything instantly, before it leaves my head?

In a brief (or "instant!") search I can find almost any name of a person I know, my church, and that random guy from college who I thought was really cute. And I can know a lot of what they're thinking and feeling right then. At least, a scratch on the surface of what they're thinking and feeling.

But maybe some information was meant to come to us, stew in our minds and hearts, and then not go back out to others until it's been given time to be with us, time to do its work.

Are we letting information, thinking, writing, life, do its work?

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