Sunday, April 24, 2011

life, real life!

Easter flowers and post-lunch art

Every other day of the week, I can easily see the darkness. No, it's not difficult for me. I can let my eyes wander to the words that tear down, the respect that isn't there, the hurt that keeps on hurting, and the drugs that keep on peddling.

But today was a celebration... that life is real! And we've been celebrating since sundown Saturday, and what a celebration it's been. Not only have we had loads of laughter, grilled meat, and Snickers salad (yes, you read that right), but also children and color and accents (thanks to our Brazilian friend, Leo).

And other signs of life that will keep on teaching us what it means to live.

Here's a glimpse of the life that's growing around here...

field of lettuce

cucumber sprouts peeking through

peas that are eager to reach their trellis

scary beard and the children it scares (just kidding:)

Stay tuned for a detailed garden post and the life that's come to be in the form of peppers, tomatoes, kale, lettuce, cilantro, peas and more!

Friday, April 22, 2011

date day: car-less and people-full

It was a rich afternoon and early eve for us, with a cycling trip out to Shelby Farms, dinner at Cheffie's Cafe on the return ride, and some side trips through neighborhoods that remind us there are real people dwelling in our city.

We stopped four different times to talk to people - some we knew very well; others we'd only seen from a distance but took the time today to properly introduce ourselves. It was a delightful day, a reminder that getting out my car, onto a bike, and setting off without an agenda, results in goodness.

So hide your car keys and go outside!

Friday, April 15, 2011

24-hour adventure: a walk in Nashville

It was a whirlwind trip, but a college roommate, her delightful baby, homemade pizza, the hospitable Forlines (and lovely Michelle) and a beautiful trek were all included, making this the most memorable 24-hour trip yet.

We had wicked storms the day before, this tree and broken bridge being evidence

Radner Lake behind us... she's a beaut (and so is Michelle)!

Before this was taken, we had some time to read some Scripture aloud to each other.

Going back through these pictures only remind me of our Autumn, North Carolina road trip, with no reservations, just our road atlas and a craving for elevation and breathable air.

There is some cool story about this particular scary spot, but I can't remember... possibly because I was so scared.

A sneaked-off-to spot on the edge of something steep.

The Rockies may not agree, but for us Southerners, this is hiiiiigh.

And of course, the yellows of flowers and the rushing of water do a girl good once in awhile.

What a girl wouldn't give for a rushing river and a mountain today...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"work" and "instant" | are they opposed?

Pondering today what instant-everything has done to us. Do we need it? Twitter? Facebook? This blog, even? Is there a way for me to practice slow, thoughtful, intentional things (writing, talking, being with people) when I'm becoming more and more conditioned to do everything instantly, before it leaves my head?

In a brief (or "instant!") search I can find almost any name of a person I know, my church, and that random guy from college who I thought was really cute. And I can know a lot of what they're thinking and feeling right then. At least, a scratch on the surface of what they're thinking and feeling.

But maybe some information was meant to come to us, stew in our minds and hearts, and then not go back out to others until it's been given time to be with us, time to do its work.

Are we letting information, thinking, writing, life, do its work?

raw. veggies. juice. all week.

It hasn't been real easy, but here's a photo of breakfast this morning (though juicing is the best part of raw-fooding):

apple, grape, strawberry, pineapple juice - fresh! Mmmmmmm!

Stay tuned to for updates on Urban Farms Market adventures with cooking and this week's raw fooding. Lettuce wraps, spelt, and almonds, oh my!