Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the desk, the garden, the writing pen

She crawls out of bed, shuffling to her bathrobe which she grabs by sheer memory, with eyes barely open. The shower warms her awake, and she hopes for the darkened coffee, pressed and hot, to help her make it out the door.

It does.

She swipes the nametag - access granted - then makes her way to the half-moon cubicle. Waiting ensues; the computer is slow. Emails, finally, projects, the iPad, restrictions lifted - access granted - and sooner than later, the paid workday is done.

Not many blocks 'til home, driveway empty, skies gray. She is ready to prepare, to step, to begin.

Friends, driving, Diet Rockstar. They pass the field of horses, stables just ahead. Their work is cut out for them - find the wheelbarrow, carry the shovels. Dig up the things discarded; bring them home to give life. To nourish. To be needed.

She spreads the earth, evenly, purposefully. Can it already be the time to work, to sow, to wait? Is it really time for death to be over and for life to begin?

The rain is starting; she is finished, in perfect time.

Now, she spins her pen between her fingers, passing to and from, piecing thoughts together. And she writes. Too, she sings (and sings). All day, it's been in her, to write. She picks up her pen; she writes.

new way made, old day laid to rest and be remembered
things we prayed, heard, now seen; and we are thankful

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