Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a post-Valentine's day post

Yesterday flew by and not once did I say "Happy Valentine's Day" to my deserving-of-Valentine's-wishes husband. But I can't say I'm sorry about it, because despite the lack of verbal expression, we spent our most meaningful Valentine's Day together yet.

It's no secret to the friends around us that our housemates and Family, Matthew and Katie, have faced dark, uncertain times during the past several months. But amidst that uncertainty sprang forth (and is still springing forth) the fruit of confession, repentance and abundant growth. God is doing a new thing; The Clarks' marriage is, indeed, a new marriage.

We couldn't have dreamed that we'd be spending this Valentine's Day with each other, seated at the table together.

So, last night the 4 of us celebrated. Cooked. Dressed up (I, with my Nana's wedding ring on and a pair of earrings, that latter a gift from her that were worn for the first time last night.)

{Nana's ring}

We ate, "Mmmmmm"-ed at the butternut squash soup and creamed corn and chocolate mousse pie. And we spoke to each other the things we loved and appreciated and needed most in each other.

Your encouragement. The way you held on. Your love. That you would even live this life - this strange-to-the-outsider life - with the Family at the Malcomb House.

{the setting complete with pint glasses and our wedding day pictures}

We remembered together, laughed together, and celebrated our housemate's [Jason] newfound friendship and kindred-spiritship with a California girl.

A Valentine's Day to remember.


Laura said...

Abbye, this is so sweet and encouraging. Such an intentional and special way to spend Valentine's Day. Love you guys!

jannagould said...