Sunday, March 11, 2012

Texas Tour: arrival and unexpected stays

Our bedroom floor was scattered with 7 bags of all shapes and sizes, clothes thrown about after being eliminated in the first-round cuts from our luggage; and a general mess from the process of packing in preparation for an 8-day road trip.

"Man, we're still taking a lot of stuff," Jeff remarked, which which I replied, "Yeah, but we are working during those next 8 days."

And we are. Good, meaningful, exhausting, delightful work.

What I don't mean is that we are going into our 8-day Texas House Show Tour with an, "Ugh, this is work," attitude, where we often find ourselves when our paid work has become too much, and we need vacation.

What I do mean is that art is work, and we get to work for the next 8 days!

How will we tend what's been set before us? The songs, voice, listeners, instruments? What fruit will be born from these 8 days, 4 shows, practice, rest, meal-sharing, and even moments of exhaustion-induced disagreement?

We are eager to work well, rest well and see the fruit!


Guess where we are: Joel Osteen, Texas-shaped waffles, "Outdoorsmen Decor", and complimentary toothbrushes.

We shared a memorable show with our friends in Richardson, Texas, just outside of Dallas. The Spiegel family gave us their home, encouragement, venison chili, and furniture-moving-permission for our first house show. The house slowly filled with college & Memphis friends, family we'd not seen in too many years and a sweet child, for whom we were his first live show!

We were grateful to play music in their home, eat their food, hear stories of new adventures in new countries, and be blessed by their hospitality and deeply loving prayers, before we embarked on the next adventure. And there was a next adventure.

Late arrival, non-working gate codes, and spotty cell signal made for a hunt for a hotel, but not without a valiant effort on our part. Jeff hopped the fence and, unsuccessfully, attempted to trick the electric gate into thinking he was a car. My favorite method? Taking two metal water bottles over with him and waving them over the pavement, in front of the sensor, etc.

Did we mention that all of this took place in a solid downpour, or which didn't let up for hours?

Alas, our path led here, to the Best Western, which is a big deal here in Emory, Texas! It's brand-new - we're pretty sure we were the first in room #201 - and boasts a good, hot breakfast, complete with Joel Osteen and...

Yes. We're in Texas.

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