Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday Poem: A Musician's Life

felt the doubt creep in

Walked away
from everything safe

Benefits of peace of mind
doctor visits
tooth pain
of not hearing reprimands for not having
all of the above

needed the wind
and the clouds
to give rest from the worry.

Today is different.

Patty sings
of work-weary sons
fathers, walked on to the other side
and that kind of lonely.

And I know
I know
that all of this matters
more than many will understand

Until the dark hour
when they lay on their bed
climbing stairs in their mind
stairs to nowhere
stuck in their mistakes
and reminded of grace

From one song
one voice
that refused listen to the voices
that said, "This is not safe."

After all
we do this because
this is not safe.

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